Ahead of hot weather please familiarise yourselves and your staff with the key advice and actions you need to take in your services, so you know what to do if a Heat-Health Alert is issued in the event of high temperatures, prolonged hot weather or a heatwave.

The national Adverse Weather and Health Plan – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) has recently been updated and some additional resources have been added.

It is important that you, your staff and your residents/clients are aware of:

·        the effects of severe heat on a person’s health and

·        action needed to be taken when you/they notice a client/patient is at risk of overheating

Therefore, please spend some time reviewing the following information, as well as sharing this with staff and clients/residents

Actions for you to take:

Read the advice for your area: Hot weather and health: guidance and advice – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk).

Area specific hot weather and health guidance is available for:

Further Information

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