18 July 2024
2pm to 4.30pm
Fresh Egg offices, 1-13 Buckingham Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN111TH

This workshop is designed to help you learn more about personas, how to create them, and explore common personas in the charity sector. Collaborate in this hands-on workshop and develop a communication strategy, whilst engaging in group discussions to review and assess the impact of your newly created personas.

Personas are a detailed representation of a typical user or supporter based on real data and research. They include demographic information, behaviours, motivations, goals, and challenges that help your organisation to understand and cater to your target audience more effectively.

The benefits

Workshop & templates: take part in a workshop, learn valuable skills and leave with useful templates to help you in the future

Meet other local charities: A brilliant networking opportunity awaits! Share ideas and stories while meeting people from various charities

Explore our online hub: Discover the wealth of learning resources we offer, specifically designed to help you save time, improve comms and increase donations

This is a great opportunity to come and learn some new skills, plus network with other local charities.


  • Welcome and introduction to CharityWise
  • Personas introduction – Learn what personas are, how to create them, and get introduced to common personas seen in the charity sector
  • Workshops – Collaborate to create personas and develop a communication strategy tailored to those personas’ needs
  • Review – Discuss all the personas created and explore their potential impact
  • Wrap-up, networking with tea, coffee and cake!