In 2014, we started to offer targeted support to LGBT groups in Brighton and Hove.

We set up a steering group to oversee and develop an action plan for this work. The steering group met four times a year. Members of the steering group included:

The focus of this work was to establish an LGBT small groups network and provide information, training and support to its members. Approximately 16 groups participated in the network.

Making change happen

The Steering Group achieved:

  • the establishment of Working to Connect, a constituted LGBT small groups network. The network enabled groups to come together, to identify their needs, and to benefit from learning and networking with their peers
  • a funding manual which enabled smaller groups to find funding
  • a good practice guide to policies and procedures, which enabled groups to plan their operations
  • training on governance and leadership, volunteer management, fundraising and bid writing, Trans awareness, train the trainer, and facilitation skills
  • a health check and skills audit to identify ongoing learning and development needs
  • improvements to our own services to ensure they could better meet the needs of small LGBT groups, particularly our mentoring programme
  • Election of our LGBT Rep to represent our LGBT members, share their knowledge, shape engagement work and prevent cuts to mental health services.