We run a number of networks for voluntary and community organisations, so you can meet, learn, and work together to influence local policies and plans.

Network meetings take place up to 6 times a year either in person or online.

Members also keep in touch with each other through our email groups.

The networks and email groups include:

  • children and young people network
  • trustee network
  • health and wellbeing network
  • small groups network
  • volunteer coordinators forum
  • green spaces network
  • CEO network

Why not join? To find out more contact us at info@communityworks.org.uk

Younger and Older women chatting

Network meetings

The network meetings offer peer support, advice, best practice guidance, networking opportunities and links to Community Works support services. You can hear updates about services, sector trends and plans. You can also share challenges and solve problems together.

Meetings are informal, allowing everyone to bring ideas and share information about their group’s activities. We also have guest speakers to share their expertise and insight.


You’re a busy person and can’t always attend face to face meetings. You can still join a network or connect with all our members thanks to our email groups or ‘e-lists’.

  • Brighton and Hove general list
  • Adur and Worthing general list
  • children and young people
  • green spaces
  • health and wellbeing
  • small groups

Specialist e-lists for limited audiences:

  • our elected representatives in Brighton and Hove
  • our elected representatives in Adur and Worthing
  • volunteer co-ordinators in Brighton and Hove
  • volunteer co-ordinators in Adur and Worthing
  • food network in Adur and Worthing
  • CEO network
  • trustees network
  • West Sussex VCSE Alliance officers

Use our e-lists to:

  • share information about your services
  • promote your events
  • advertise paid jobs
  • get help to solve an issue you might be facing with running your group or organisation
  • discuss issues of importance to your service users

Don’t use our e-lists to:

To sign up to one of our email groups, email us your name, role, organisation and email address you’d like signed up. Got a question? Get in touch with us on info@communityworks.org.uk