Together we explored ways to:

  • tackle health inequalities
  • reach carbon net zero
  • create equity, diversity and inclusion
  • involve volunteers
  • fundraise


Highlights included:

Nora and Anusree from Bridging Change started the day with an inspiring speech about being a bold disruptor to bring about social justice. As Community Works Reps, they also hosted a Black and Racialised Minorities Network session.

Lola Banjoko, Executive Managing Director at NHS Sussex, Brighton and Hove, spoke about what it means to be partners in a system that faces challenges, and how to create and maintain relationships of trust which allow for honest discussions.

Mel and Hazel from Community Works hosted a session for Volunteer Co-ordinators to share their common challenges such as burn-out, supporting volunteers and creating inclusive opportunities.

Gray, Jacob and Gary are all Reps who promote sector interests and share their expertise to inform strategy, policy and decision making. They started the afternoon with a presentation about what intersectionality means to them and to the people, communities and organisations they represent.

Watch a short film on intersectionality

Cat Fletcher and Mark Strong, our Environment and Transport Reps hosted Net Zero 2030: What can we do about climate change? This included practical tips to help you become ‘carbon literate’ and reduce your carbon footprint.

Donna from Brighton & Hove City Council and Hannah from Sussex Community Foundation came to the Small Groups Network session and shared their insight and top tips for getting high scores on your funding applications.

Katie Vincent from Allsorts and our very own CEO, Jess Sumner, reflected on what they have learned when starting an organisational journey towards Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, including an honest insight into the challenges and successes.

Some of the resources from the conference are listed below, but get in touch with us at if you want something specific from the event.

Woman speaking about health at a conference
Thank you for the conference last week. It was a really inspiring event, with lots to learn from.
Cara at Independent Lives